Why retro?

Hello there, my name is Szymon "Noobirus" Piecha, and (as you probably guessed) I am a fan of tabletop games. I really adore the OSR movement and all the retro-inspired games out there but... guess what? My adventure with roleplaying games began in the 2000's, I have never played the original D&D games and my first RPG game wasn't a retro game either.

So, why I am bothering with these type of games? There are several reasons:
  • Most retro games have simple rules. They are easy to modify and easy to explain.
  • I like high fantasy. Retro games have hero archetypes that everyone knows - the proud warrior, the wise mage, the sneaky thief and the "voice of reason" cleric.
  • The art - the hand-drawn, mostly simplistic art of retro games is beautiful.
  • It's YOUR game. Retro games are made to be modified, to fit your group.
For some, retro games are primitive, lazy copies of old D&D games. But for many, and me too, games like Sword & Wizardry or Basic Fantasy are crafting tables, which help me create fantastic, nostalgic worlds of heroes, monsters and mazes.